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Important Information

Translator or Interpreter?

The terms translator and interpreter are commonly confused, but the distinction between the two is quite simple. Translators work with written material while interpreters render spoken communication. We provide both services.

Interpreters are fluent in both languages and possess excellent memory, listening, concentration, and analytical skills. They convey both the meaning and tone of the original statement clearly and accurately, and must be quick-witted, often literally “thinking on their feet.” The translators we use are career professionals who are highly qualified and experienced.

Consecutive Interpreting

“Consecutive interpreting” is often used in a small group setting such as a legal deposition, medical consultation or business meeting. “Escort interpreting” is a form of consecutive interpreting used during site visits and travels with delegations. “Simultaneous interpreting” is most often used in large settings and often requires the rental of audio equipment (sound-proof booths, microphones, headsets, etc.).

Interpreting and Translation Fees

Interpreting fees are usually charged by the hour or sometimes by the day, often with a minimum charge to allow unexpected schedule changes or cancellations by the client. You may also have to cover travel expenses, parking, and meals. The industry standard for written translations is on a cost-per-word basis rather than on a cost per-page. Fees may vary according to the language and the translator’s fee and the deadline.

Your Involvement

The client’s role is to supply all necessary information upon requesting a translator or interpreter. For interpretation and translation projects alike, a lead-time is very important. Though we welcome last minute assignments, please contact our coordinators as far ahead as possible, in order to provide you with the best person for your needed appointment. Interpreters need to know dates and times when their services will be needed so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. Interpreters as well as translators need to have deadlines, even if only tentative, so that they can prioritize their schedule. We will schedule an interpreter for your specified date and time.