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Spokane International Translation was established in June 1995 to serve the constantly growing translation and interpreting needs of the medical. legal, and business communities in the Spokane region. Language services in Spokane began with the establishment of the Spokane Language Bank in 1974, which was a volunteer organization created to meet the foreign language needs of Expo 74. At their request, we merged that group into our company in 1995, giving us 20 languages and a group of dedicated interpreters.


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Spokane Translations Business Translations
Fast and Accurate


Oral interpreting services are available for video, telephonic or in-person meetings with clients from any part of the world. Fast, accurate written translations to or from English for any language in the world that include: business letters, brochures, pamphlets, informational fliers, manuals, Web site text, project bids, advertising copy, and voice-over translations for informational videos.

Court Certified

Legal Sector

Washington State court-certified interpreters are available for Depositions, Mediations, and Court Appearances. Translation of all legal documents to or from English including Birth and Marriage certificates, Divorce decrees, Adoptions, Immigration papers, and Contracts. Translation and Interpreting Services available to all local, state and federal government agencies including law enforcement.

Oral Interpreting 24/7

Medical Sector

Oral interpreting services available 24/7 in over 80 languages locally.

Interpreting services are provided in-person, or over-the-phone, or via remote video. Translation of all medical documents from English including Patient Intake and Consent forms, Informational pamphlets and emergency notifications, and Privacy Act documents. Voice-over translations for informational videos.

Top 10 Languages in our Region

Regional Languages

Spokane International Translation offers spoken language interpreting services in over 80 languages locally. Our top 10 languages are Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Marshallese, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Burmese, Karen,  Bosnian, and Nepali.  We also offer American Sign Language for non-medical appointments. If there is no local interpreter for the language you request, we will find one to serve your needs from another area via video, over-the-phone or in-person. Spokane International Translation offers written translation services for any language in the world.