Our Parent Company

Perciba Incorporated was established in 2002 by Marta Reyes and her husband Eric Anderson to serve as the parent company of Spokane International Translation. Perciba is from the Spanish verb percibir, and means “Learn through your senses,” which is the essence of the natural language acquisition program called Natural Language Training™, created and designed by Eric Anderson. Perciba’s primary focus is developing customized intensive immersion Natural Language Training™ programs for English and Spanish to be delivered on site at corporations and organizations throughout the world.

Perciba’s Education Focus

Natural Language Training™ is unique in that it is the only completely performance-based language acquisition program in the world, producing results unsurpassed by any other language learning system. The Natural Language Training Instructor program prepares and certifies all of Perciba’s instructors to successfully implement its proprietary programs. For more information about our language programs, please visit our website, www.perciba.com

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