Why Choose Us

Serving all interpreting needs.

Spokane International Translation is currently the oldest and largest language service provider resident in Eastern Washington. Established in 1995, Spokane International Translation has an outstanding reputation for excellence and professionalism in providing written translations and oral interpreting services. 


Over 200 Languages. Over 5K Contractors.

We have expanded to provide the area with at least 20 languages and over 5,000 linguists. Many are native speakers, college educated, and live right here in Spokane County.

Why Spokane International Translation?

Spokane International Translation was established to serve the constantly growing translation and interpreting needs in the Spokane region.

Screened & Tested

Over 552 carefully screened and tested interpreters/translators. The majority are not only bi-lingual but also bi-cultural.

Prompt & Responsive

Since our inception, we have successfully provided language interpretive services to the Spokane community with an efficiency rate of 99%+.

Efficient Procedures

We provide our own Independent Contractor form which the interpreter takes to the assignment, gets signed by the appropriate person and returns to us.

Certifications and Memberships